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RaSean Reeves is the Founder and CEO of Eagle Eye Media a full service production company and a Michigan Man. His passion for the Wolverines lead him to start a video blog Youtube Show called The Blue Print and now radio show on Eagle Eye Radio. RaSean records both shows weekly in his studio. RaSean will also be streaming live from Michigan related events and High School games etc. RaSean also produces commitment videos and more.With the instant success of the Blue Print RaSean just launched Eagle Eye Radio a 24 hour Michigan sports station which includes a mobile app as well. Be sure to subscribe to Eagle Eye Media TV 's Youtube channel to catch all the latest episodes of The Blue Print! Follow our host on Twitter and Facebook  @raseanreeves 


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Hasson Hall also known as Ya Boy Zeek is Co Host of The Blue Print Radio Show and Partner of Blue Print Inc. Back in 1986 Zeek was a kid in NJ going through a rough patch in life. Coming from a single parent home He found himself heading down the wrong road in this thing we call life. Fortunately for him his mom's older sister lived in Grand Rapids MI. In the summer of 86  he packed his bags and headed to Michigan. His life has Never been the same. The very 1st college football game He attended was you guessed it the University of Michigan vs Sparty. Obviously He made the right decision on what colors to root for. He'll never forget that day. Its the Day he fell in love with the Wolverines and God has blessed him everyday since then. Go Blue! Zeek is a true Michigan Man with a background in Sales and Marketing.


The Blue Print Michigan is a video blog Youtube show created by RaSean Reeves aka Michigan Man Ray. TBP is a raw in your face all in for Michigan Football and recruiting show and more.... Produced by Eagle Eye Media



RaSean Reeves